The March Concert

… went well. This was the first time we had sung music by Kodaly, and we embraced the challenge of his Missa Brevis, and that of Liszt’s Missa Choralis, with courage and fortitude. On both nights there were songs and movements with power and beauty, in which the Garleton Singers proved that they are capable of great things. We weren’t perfect. One audience member came up to a chorister after the concert and said confidentially ‘I liked the Liszt very much, but it’s a shame that the organ was out of tune whenever it came back in’, which will possibly annoy Caroline! Caroline Cradock was superb throughout, and we hope she will play with us again very soon. Congratulations to our soloists and semi chorus members – Sadie Maskery, David Wilson, Graham Miller, Kay Henderson, Katie Hamilton, Sharon Keulemans, Davina Briggs, Nicola Cuthbert, Gerrie Macarthur, Morag Sheriffs, Ann Browning, Helen Bennett, Christopher Farquar, Simon Williams, and Michael Smith. In particular can I extend my heartfelt admiration to the Missa Choralis semichorus who, on the Saturday, sang with absolutely no support after what could perhaps be described as car-crash choralling by the rest of us in the preceding moments. Overall, we should be proud with what we achieved. Sunday night in particular was exhilarating, and left many of us wishing we could sing it all over again. (After a nice long rest and a stiff gin, of course.)

And we sounded like …. this. (Right click on the link, download the mp3, be stunned by our lalalalalalalalalalas.)